Got questions? We have answers! Check out our FAQ's below. If you have any other questions please email and one of our Hairymann Team Members will get back to you as soon as possible!


How do I place an order?
Right on our website! Browse through our available products by Collection, or refine your search on the left hand side of our Products page by color, backing, length, or price. Add any and all styles that you love to your cart, and click “checkout” to place your order!

How do I pay?
Payment is made during the checkout process. You can pay directly by Credit Card during checkout. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted.

What is your fulfillment time?
We fulfill orders within 5-7 business days. Unfortunately, we cannot expedite fulfillment time. However, we can expedite shipping method (see “How do you ship orders” information below!)

How do you ship orders?
We ship orders via Ground Service. We can expedite shipping method to 2nd Day or Overnight if you let us know in the "Notes/Additional Comments" section before checkout in your Cart. We can also ship on your own FedEx or UPS account.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we can ship to most countries. There are a few restrictions, so if you have a question about whether we can ship to your country, please reach out to and we will be happy to let you know!

What is your minimum order? Is there a maximum?
Minimum is one square foot. The maximum amount you can order is limited to the amount of square feet currently available for each style. The amount available for each style is listed on each products individual page. If you find a style that you LOVE on our site but there is not enough square footage for you, please contact our sister company National Fiber Technology at to inquire about a custom order.

Can I return my order or get a refund once my order has been placed?
Our return policy is as follows:
Goods cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged. No exceptions. All items are clearance/remnant/overrun products and are sold as is. Because our items are first come, first served and our inventory can take up to one (1) business day to update, we may not have the full amount available for your order. If this is the case, we will email to notify you of the shortage, we will fulfill as much as we can of your order and we will refund you the difference before shipment is made.

What does 4-way stretch mean?
4-way stretch means that the backing of the fabric is stretchy.  It’s a performance fabric and acts similar to spandex, in that it stretches then returns to its original state when relaxed.

What does “T” “P” or “D” stand for in the product number?
T” = trimmed. The fibers have been trimmed shorter from their original length to the length listed on the style number. EG: T (3”) means the fibers have been trimmed to 3 inches.
“P” = processed. One of a number of processes have been done to change the texture of the fiber, usually to straighten or make shiny.
D” = dyed. The backing of the fur fabric was dyed from white to another color.

How wide is your fur fabric?
The width varies from style to style. Under the Product Description of each style you will find the average width for that particular style. This information is very important when deciding how many square feet you'd like to order.

How do I calculate Square Feet?
This is a great question, and one of the most common questions we get asked. Here is some information that hopefully helps you to understand better!

“Square Feet” refers to the surface area of fur fabric you are buying. We do not sell in 12 inch x 12 inch squares, and our fur fabrics are not 60” wide goods like many other fabrics. The measurements of fur fabric you receive is determined by the width of that particular fur fabric. You can find the width of each product under their Product Description.

The calculation you need to use is width in inches multiplied by length in inches to get the square inches. Divide the square inches by 144 (there are 144 square inches in one square foot) to get the total square footage.

If you order 6 square feet, and the average width of the style you’re ordering is 24 inches, you will receive a piece of fur fabric that is approximately 24 inches wide by 36 inches long.
Here’s why:
24 inches wide x 36 inches long = 864 square inches. 864 divided by 144 = 6 square feet.

If you order 6 square feet, and the average width of the style you’re ordering is 40 inches, you will receive a piece of fur fabric that is approximately 40 inches wide by 21.6 inches long.
Here’s why:
40 inches wide x 21.6 inches long = 864 square inches. 864 divided by 144 = 6 square feet.

Be sure to keep the width in mind when choosing a style!  If you order one square foot of a style that’s 36 inches wide, you’re going to get a piece that’s approximately 36 inches wide by 4 inches long.
Here’s why:
36 inches wide x 4 inches long = 144 square inches. 144 divided by 144 = 1 square foot.

How will I know if I’m ordering enough for my project?
Unfortunately we can’t tell you how much to order.  However, we can give you some tips and tricks on ways to figure it out!
If your project is a simple shape, it makes it a lot easier.  Take the widest width and the longest length measurements and figure out your square feet based on those numbers.

Example: You need to cover a creature’s arm with fur. Its arm length is 26 inches and the widest point around is 12 inches. Multiply these two numbers: 26” x 12” = 312 square inches. Divide by 312 by 144, you get 2.16. Round this up to 3 square feet for good measure. You would need 3 square feet of area to cover the arm.

But let’s be real, it’s probably not going to be this simple.  For more complex shapes, we recommend the cube method:
Split your project into basic sections (for example: arms, legs, and torso). Then think of each section as an individual cube: front, back, left side, right side, top and bottom etc. For each side of the cube, take the height (in inches) multiplied by the width (in inches) then divide by 144.  This will give you the square foot amount needed for that side. Repeat for all sides of that cube. Add the sides together and that will give you a square footage estimate for that cube.
Repeat this for each “cube” of your project and add them all together. This results in a rough estimate of square footage for your project.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t account for patterning, fur direction, seam allowances, etc.  You’ll definitely want to round up, but how much might depend on your familiarity with our fur fabric and your patterning skill level.

Some notes about square footage and how we sell our product:
We do not cut into the width - meaning we cannot cut the long way down the fur fabric. We always keep the width and cut the length according to the amount of square footage ordered.

Our fur fabrics are clearance and overrun pieces, so some may be in an irregular shape (not a perfect rectangle) or the width may vary from what is listed under the Product Description. You will still get the full square footage you ordered, even if the width is different from what is in the Product Description.

I bought fur somewhere else, can I find a match on HMC?

The styles available on our website come as is. They are remnants, clearance, and overrun from our sister company National Fiber Technology. We cannot guarantee any matches to other fur fabrics. For example, if you are trying to match a bright white colored fun fur that you bought at a fabric store, unfortunately you will not find an exact match on our site. The fibers used to make the quality product that we sell do not come in a bright white; our whites are often cream white, or grey white. If you are looking for an exact match for any color, please reach out to National Fiber Technology about a custom order (

Be aware that the color of the fur fabrics you receive may vary from what is displayed on your screen.

I received my fur, and there is a piece missing! Why?
The fur fabrics we sell are clearance and overrun from our sister company, National Fiber Technology. This means that the square footage you order may come in an irregular shape (not a perfect square or rectangle) or may contain holes or slubs. If your fur fabric comes in an irregular shape, please know that you are still receiving the full amount of square footage you ordered. It is just shaped in a special way.

Do you sell loose fiber?
No, we do not sell loose fiber. As we are the exclusive distributors of National Fiber Technology's clearance and overrun fur fabrics, we only sell fur fabric. If you are looking to purchase loose fiber, please contact National Fiber Technology at and someone will be happy to help you.


Can I wash my fur fabric?
Of course! But always be sure to brush your fur fabric after each use to keep dust and dirt from settling into the fibers. You can spot clean by spraying a mixture of water and mild detergent onto the fur fabric, wiping off with water, then brushing and letting air dry.

You can wash your fur fabric - but never apply dry heat or the backing will shrink and the fibers will kink up or melt. You can wash your fur fabric in a non-agitating washing machine or hand wash in cool water with a small amount of mild detergent or mild soap. ALWAYS let the fur fabric air dry. The fur fabric will shrink down (think panty hose) but will stretch out to its original size as long as it was not dried with heat. Be sure to brush the fibers while still damp to avoid matting. If washing any fur fabrics made with natural fibers, be sure to pin out (like you would a wool sweater) while the fur fabric is still wet and let completely air dry while pinned out, otherwise the backing will shrink and not stretch back out.

What brush should I use? How do I get out tangles?
We recommend a pin brush, such as PSI Large Pin Brush (model 25250). Do not use a comb or anything with pins too close to one another or you will rip the fibers out from the backing and/or damage and tear the fibers. Just know that some shedding/fiber fallout is normal during and after brushing!

Is my fur fabric fade-resistant?
The color and material will fade over time with normal wear and tear.  Exposure to direct sunlight, weather, and dust will cause the fur fabric to fade faster. Be sure to brush your fur fabric regularly to keep away any dust or debris. Unfortunately, there is no solution to avoiding fading over time.

Is my fur fabric fireproof or fire-resistant?
Any style made from Modacrylic and/or Kanakaron fibers only are fire-resistant, not fireproof. Any fur fabrics containing Natural Fibers (Goat, Mohair, Yak, Rayon) are not fire-resistant. If you are unsure of what fibers your fur fabric is made of, under each "Product Description" you will find a list of the fibers used in that style.

How do I pattern, cut, and sew my fur fabric?
Treat your fur fabric like spandex (think swimsuit material) with a nap. When constructing, keep in mind you cannot flip the pattern to save space or you will end up with mismatched fur directions. For example, on pants: one leg with the fur direction going down and one leg with the fur direction going up - Yikes!

Cut your fur fabric from the back to avoid cutting the fibers. We recommend using small, sharp-tipped scissors, not large fabric scissors.  This will help you make precise cuts of the backing and not the fibers.

You can sew your fur fabric with an over-lock machine, zig- zag machine, specialty chain stitch machine or by hand. Use the method that makes you the most comfortable!

The best part of the 4-way stretch is that you do not need to pattern or construct your project “baggy” or loose to allow for movement as you would with a non-stretch material. The 4-way stretch backing is made to move with the body so the backing doesn't pull as the movement takes place. It is best to pattern, cut, and construct your 4-way stretch fur fabric in its relaxed (un-stretched) state.

Can I dye my fur fabric?
Modacrylic fiber is a hard fiber to over dye. Because it is a synthetic fiber, the dyes needed are all solvent based so it can penetrate into the fiber. You can color/tint Modacrylic fiber by airbrushing or painting with something like a Taxidermy Paint (like LifeTone). You will not be able paint/dye from light to dark. You will only be able to shade to a slightly darker shade than the original color. The dye/paint will be topical, not permanent, as it will only coat the outside of the fiber. This means that over time the color will fade through normal wear and tear.

You can more easily dye fur fabrics made from Natural Fibers (Yak, Goat, Mohair, Rayon). The type and method of dye varies on the type of fibers and your dying comfort zone. The fur fabric has to be pinned out to air dry (like you would a wool sweater), which helps reduce the amount it will shrink. Even with pinning out the fur fabric to air dry, it will still shrink some. If you use hot water (150 degrees Fahrenheit) to set the dye your goods will shrink. NOTE: Do not use dry heat ever!  

I can curl or style my fur fabric?
You can easily curl or style fur fabrics made from Modacrylic fiber! Use steam heat (like a clothes steamer) to set the style. Never use dry heat (like a curling iron or blow-dryer) or the Modacrylic fibers will melt or crinkle.